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One of the most powerful statements in our communication, yet it's so rarely expressed or worse, experienced.

I recently watched Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, hosted by Emmanuel Acho (and this particular episode was with guest, Matthew McConaughey). The content is deep and worthy of your time and consideration. 

After some in-depth discussion on this particular episode, Matthew McConaughey paused, and said to Emmanuel Acho, 'heard'.

Heard. So simple, and so powerful.

The importance of affirming and deeply connecting with those around us is key to shifting from our own perspectives and really understanding someone else's.

This is where change can happen. By hearing others. Without just waiting for our turn to talk.

As young children, we experience the world from a very egocentric perspective. It's natural.

As we continue to grow, we learn that the world extends beyond ourselves, to our parents, siblings, and even further out. Yet, sometimes this growing stops, and we forget to keep learning about outside perspectives, only remaining where we are, unable to see a new way of thinking, or being.

The access to our own personal growth is getting into someone else's world and try it on for size. Not only will we learn something new, we might actually be able to change our business culture, our family dynamics, ourselves. And dare I suggest, the world.


I'm going to start implimenting this word into my vocabulary and approach to communication going forward, and I'm excited to see the results of really hearing others.

I hope you'll try this simple approach as well. I'd love to know about any results you have too. 

Who will you hear, today? 

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