DISCOVER Your ACTUAL Ideal Client in ONE Live Session

Never guess the random "values and habits" your Ideal Client is "supposed" to have again! 

Join my LIVE training session so you can FINALLY nail down your REAL Ideal Client, once and for all. 

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Stop guessing who your Ideal Client is 'supposed' to be.

Most of the processes out there don't work because they're focused on The WRONG Target ?.
They don't actually help you understand your ideal client - they just help you make one up. That's a problem.

Other systems suggest using random lists like:

  • Hair colour
  • Favourite car
  • Hobbies
  • Bizarre coffee orders

NONE of these will help you find your ideal client. And worse, you're probably feeling more frustrated, uncertain, and clientless as you search for this elusive unicorn that simply doesn't exist. 

The problem with most other tactics is that there is nothing concrete about guessing, imagining, and hoping.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

DISCOVER Your Ideal Client gives you REAL results.
Finally understand who your EXACT clients are!

Join our LIVE Ideal Client Session happening Friday September 10th, 12pm, ET. 

For just $27 USD.

DISCOVER Your Ideal Client

This 2.5 hour online session will provide you with all the tools you need to learn EXACTLY who your Ideal Client is. Using my signature approach, you'll walk away with not only your Ideal Client Avatar, but the unique language that comes with them so you can begin your targeted marketing approach immediately. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

If you've been struggling to identify your ACTUAL Ideal Client, you can exhale a sigh of relief. This LIVE session gives you every tool you'll need to identify WHO it is that you actually help, and their unique LANGUAGE that draws your perfect client to you. No more guessing or fluffy coffee orders to conjure up. Just straight goods designed to get you actual results. 


The accompanying workbook gives you every tool you need to work through the process, and return to it again and again. 

The simple to follow process identifies WHO it is that you actually help, and why you're the perfect guide to help your clients succeed - regardless of industry. 

Marketing Language

Understanding the unique language your Ideal Client uses is critical to your marketing. 

You'll get the exact language your Ideal Client speaks so you can craft compelling and engaging messages that naturally attract your perfect clients right to you. 

Live session

This LIVE session is designed to help you maximize your results, helping you zero in on EXACTLY who you're designed to help. 

Get you questions answered in real time so you can hit the ground running immediately. 

Hi, I'm Jennifer Maxwell

Hello friends!  I'm a Clarity Coach, and a Certified DISC Personality Consultant.
I help inspired, heart-centred entrepreneurs go from scattered to aligned action for a business you love.

If you've been struggling to figure out your business, or find the right next direction, I promise you, it has EVERYTHING to do with understanding your Ideal Client. Once you see it, your entire business will begin to fall into place with astounding speed and traction.

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Happy customers

Evelyn W.

FB Ads and Funnel Specialist

I think somehow you know it, but how do you translate it - and I think that's what you nailed. 

Sarah S.

Wedding Planner and Officiant

This IS my Ideal Client - not what I'm "supposed" to want!

Rob T.

Financial Planner

This has been groundbreaking... a real paradigm shift. Thank you. 

What makes this process different

There are SO many options and freebies out there trying to give you lists of 'values' and characteristics, and random approaches to "making up" who you think your ideal client is. But none of them work. 

The reason is because you're too close to the process, and you don't have an objective perspective on how to translate what you know into a marketable strategy

This unique process solves all of this in one session. Not only will you focus on the RIGHT target, you'll get clarity from the process, and even a curated 'dictionary' language chart that speaks directly to your Ideal Client.

Stop guessing. Start serving those that are desperate for exactly what you've got.

Here’s what people are saying

If you've been struggling to identify your Ideal Client, it might be time to try a different approach.

Stephanie P.

Direct Marketing Specialist

Learn what's ACTUALLY relevant. 


Social Media Strategist

SOOOO GOOD. So much more clarity.

Evelyn W.

FB Ads and Marketing Specialist

[Jennifer has] found the solution!


Will I actually find out who my Ideal Client is this time?

100%. Until now you've been aiming at the wrong target. This process will help you finally see the ACTUAL target you're looking for, so you can speak directly to the people you know you can help

IS this just another "values checklist" thing? 

Absolutely not. In fact, "values" have very little to do with solving your client's problem.

Will this work for any niche?

Yes! If you've already identified a problem and can help others solve this, this process will work for any niche.

On A Personal Note

Helping you discover your Ideal Client really matters to me - mostly because I struggled for a long time trying to do this myself.
My personal epiphany happened in the shower (where all my best ideas come pouring out), and I couldn't wash the shampoo out of my hair fast enough so I could scramble to write it all down. 

This process has worked with amazing entrepreneurs across many different niches, and every single person has shared their incredible results through this unique approach. And I couldn't be more proud and excited to share this with you. 

Isn't it time you stopped guessing? It's time to increase your influence, impact, and income for a business and life you love.

Join Us For DISCOVER Your Ideal Client

Friday September 10th, 2021

12:00pm, ET

LIVE Ideal Client Session

$27 USD


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