Fast-track your 

Inspired Business in Four Weeks

Personalize & Align your Creative Business to get traction fast, even if you've been struggling for years!

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16 May 2022


You missed out!

Stop spinning your creative wheels.

As creative, inspired, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, the ideas are plentiful.
You don't need more ideas, you need more clarity and direction.

It's time to finally harness the wild energy into a business that tracks,
leaving you room for the freedom to create that you're dreaming about. 

4 Week Inspired Business INTENSIVE

Inside of four weeks, you'll learn and implement the four main components to personalizing your business so you're set up to attract exactly the clients you can help, using magnetic language, on rails that go for miles.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll get all the materials you need in advance so you can work through it quickly if desired.
We'll meet live, twice a week live for four weeks, for training and support around specific topics.
Plus you'll enjoy a supportive, private Facebook group to work alongside you.

About Jennifer Maxwell

As a Certified DISC Human Behaviour Consultant, I help inspired, multi-passionate entrepreneurs get clarity by pulling together all the creative ideas into an aligned, focused and workable business, with a clear and exciting path to action.

My mission is to shine a light on each person's innate strengths, illuminating clarity, alignment, and a personalized approach to a more joyful, fully expressed business and life.

Course Modules

Tell 'em what they'll win, Bob!


Module 1: Discover Your ACTUAL Ideal Client

No more guessing or making them up. No more coffee orders, demographics, or hobbies. None of this is relevant. You will finally learn who you help and why. This is the foundation for your entire business.  


Module 2: Programs and Offers

Once you've identified your ICA (ideal client avatar), you will see that all the programs and offers you've had bottled up inside will come spilling out in a logical way. No more duct taping random ideas together as a way to serve your clients. You'll finally know exactly what you 'do'!


Module 3: From ICA to DREAM Client

We'll take your Ideal Client and up level them to a DREAM Client, with just a few tweaks. Looking good on paper is just the first start, but dream clients are the ones you can really get results for. Find out what those secrets are so you can both be successful. 


Module 4: Be Great on Video

Look great, sound great, be great. Video is THE MOST engaging platform on social media and for online learning. You must fine tune your strategy to remain relevant, engaging, and informative. Jennifer shares her tips and strategies from 10 years experience as an on-camera actor so YOU can show up professionally and polished every time. 



90% Closing Strategies without being salesy!

Just for being inside the 4 Week Inspired Entrepreneur Intensive, you'll get access to the on-demand micro-video course, NAIL THE SALE! 

With more than SIX hours of bite-size video training on how to understand your client and their motivation so you can fully serve them, you'll learn how to close sales with ease, and without feeling salesy. 

What makes this different

The short answer is: this process is not like all the other business strategies out there.

Representing just 25% of the population, most of the advice out there is designed for the other 75%. And it simply doesn't work for how multi-passionate people are built. 

Having finally cracked the code in my own business, I'm excited to share what I've learned as an alternative to the usual. You'll find this all suddenly makes sense.

Clarity and alignment in just four weeks

If you've spent money on coaches that don't really 'get' you or the way you think, and worse, left you no farther ahead, let this be the last time - but with actual results.

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On a Personal Note

From inspired and alone in a business world that wasn't built for people like us, I'm so proud to say that there IS another way for creative entrepreneurs - and it is an absolute honour, and a personal duty to share what I've learned. 

I'm so excited to illuminate a new and successful path for you, too.