May 17

Play Chicken With The Universe


Having faith is one of the most challenging things to do sometimes. Especially in the face of all the 'evidence' that tells you otherwise. As an entrepreneur, however, I've learned a thing or two about holding out for the 'right' or 'better' thing to show up in my business and personal life (it's how I found my husband, actually ;-)).

The other day while 'holding out for a better option', I noticed the feeling of determination I held. It felt exactly like playing Chicken. I wasn't about to budge, or give in, or accept less.

It hasn't always been like that. In the past I would cave to 'close enough', but over the years, I discovered that it's a muscle like any other. You have to practice the feeling of staring down the barrel, knowing without a doubt, that there IS something better for you. Waiting and wanting YOU just as much as you want IT!

It's our job to withstand the fear that so easily creeps up and causes us to yield to something that is just 'ok', instead of holding out for that thing you REALLY want.

We must ask ourselves what we are standing for. Because If we don't stand for something, we'll fall for anything. That 'anything' will cause us to accept a mediocre option, instead of the glorious gifts that are available to us.  

It's true. The Universe always conspires for us. It WANTS us to build that muscle; to get clear, so it can deliver exactly what we want. 

Learn to stare down that barrel. 
Stand in the middle of the road and play chicken with the Universe.
That's the faith part - unwavering belief that EXACTLY what we want is completely available to us. It's the trust we need to lean into, instead of giving in, when it seems we should take that "close second" because we aren't sure the universe will deliver the thing we REALLY want.  

That's the hair splitting difference between scarcity and abundance.

I promise you, when you begin to stand from the place of absolute certainty that you won't budge from, the Universe will bend to serve you. It always does. It always gives us exactly what we stand for.

What are you standing for today? 

Play Chicken with the Universe, today!

I invite you to begin a strategic plan to getting exactly what you want in your business and life. 

It starts with understanding yourself, how you're built, and what makes you tick. It's the mile marker on your roadmap. 

Let's get you from here, to where you REALLY want to be! Click below and we'll put you on your roadmap to absolute clarity.  

I can't wait to connect!

I'd love to hear from you! Have you stood in the face of fear and had the Universe deliver exactly what you wanted? Let me know! I'd love to hear!

In thoughtful service, 

Jennifer R. Maxwell
The Connection Coach

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