1:1 Clarity Call

A FREE 30 minute session with Jennifer Maxwell to help you identify what's standing in your way right now, so you can clear the path and focus on a more intentional direction for a more aligned business.

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees...

Running a small business can be exhausting. Especially when you've got so many ideas and you want to do ALL of them!

If every day feels like a grind, chances are you're putting too much energy into the wrong area. You simply can't out-hustle your weakness. But you can lean into your natural strengths.

Change the vantage point.

Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious - to you. That's where an outside perspective can really offer insight.

Inside of our 30 minute Clarity Call, we'll unpack some of the nagging challenges you're facing with your business right now so you can clearly see the gaps and where you can go next - with ease. 

Play to your Strengths. 

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