Discover Your Ideal Client

Stop Guessing. Learn who your ACTUAL Ideal Client is once and for all.

No More Guessing

Step-By-Step Process

Relief & Results

Struggling with your Ideal Client Avatar?

You're not alone. That's because most of the processes out there are zeroed in on the WRONG TARGET.  🎯

They don't actually help you understand your ideal client - they just help you make one up. That's a problem. 

What If...

What if there was a way to discover your ACTUAL Ideal Client in 60 minutes or less? 

Activate clients that really resonate with you and are hungry for what you're dishing up. 

It's possible.

You've just been following an outdated process that doesn't work anymore. Your message needs to be relevant to your ideal client, and you're the only one that knows EXACTLY how to word it - you're just too close to see it.  

It's time to fill your roster with the best clients you could ever imagine. For just $27 USD. 

Discover These Critical Components

ACTUAL Ideal Client

Your Ideal Client is easier and more intuitive to discover... and closer than you think.  

Clear Messaging

Identify a hidden-in-plain-sight trigger that attracts your ideal client. *Hint - it isn't "values".

Magnetic Language

Discover the powerful and unique language that draws your dream client in like a magnet.

What People Are Saying

This is how many sheets I've filled out trying to figure out WHO my Ideal Client is, until now! 🤯

Where Are My People?!

This is the song of our people... That gnawing feeling knowing the work you do matters, yet you just can't seem to get in front of the right people - or enough of the right people. Where are my people?! 

Feeling invisible in a noisy place is frustrating. 

Especially when you look around at the volume of audience others are getting. What are they doing that you're not? 

Attracting their ideal client. That's what.

And you can too. It's time to cut the noise and get a direct line to those who need what you've got. 

Here's What You'll Get

Your ACTUAL Ideal Clent

A step-by-step process (including some self-discovery tools, checklists, and basic knowledge on DISC human profiles) to hit the target on your EXACT Ideal Client.

No more guessing. That dream client is much closer than you think but you just can't see it - like reading the label from inside the jar. 

Clear Messaging 

We'll looking at the pain points and problems you actually solve (versus what you *think* sounds good). This is the bridge to avatar attraction. We're not making up some random customer named "Jessica who drives a convertible". This is where it gets real and why this process works. 

Language Scripts That Magnetize Your Client To You.

Your ideal client has a unique language - yet it's a language you're already familiar with. You will get access to the switch that turns on the FULL BLAST power to that magnet.
Yes - you'll get an actual list of what TO say, and what NOT to say!


WILL I actually figure out who my Ideal Client is this time?

100%. Until now you've been aiming at the wrong target. This process will help you finally see the ACTUAL target you're looking for, so you can speak directly to the people you know you can help.


Absolutely not. In fact, "values" have very little to do with solving your client's problem.


Yes! If you've already identified a problem and can help others solve this, this process will work for any niche.

Let's Get Started

It's time to stop guessing. Let's get you out of the weeds and turn the magnet on so you can start attracting brilliant clients you know you can make a difference with. Nail down your Ideal Client today, so you can start serving them tomorrow. 

Get clarity on your Ideal Client 

$27 USD gives you the RIGHT process to knowing who your real clients are.

Stop wasting time and money, and start surrounding yourself with the clients you LOVE working with (and who love working with you!).

Haven't you been struggling long enough?