Harness your team's natural skills & talents to create E.P.I.C. team cohesion

REAL CONNECTION with your team or clients can sometimes feel elusive...

Whether you're running a team or a client-facing business, you may face these common challenges: 

  • Strained Communication
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Unnecessary Conflict
  • Low Sales/Closing Rates
  • Difficult Clients
  • Overwhelm


Imagine your people all going in the same direction at the same time... sound like a dream come true? It's totally possible. 

It starts with our ability to connect with each other... which doesn't need to be 'overly-touchy-feely' either - in case you were wondering. 😉  

With just two questions and nearly 20 years of experience using proven DISC personality methods, Jennifer delivers an impactful and inspirational approach to audiences who want to uplevel their business and personal growth, getting you and your team farther, faster.

Jennifer's style of 'edutainment' shines brightly at annual conferences and summits with humour, quick wit, and audience engagement. Participants lean in, laugh, nod along, and even take selfies with new and familiar faces, all while gaining practical connection strategies that can be used immediately.

Download Jennifer's Speaker Kit, or click the image for the conference connection "trifecta" crowd pleaser.

Popular Topics

Perfect for conferences & summits


Perfectly designed for conferences and group sessions, this session is a crowd favourite.
Engaging and interactive, this session has participants up on their feet, moving around the room, learning all about themselves and others in real time. Get introduced to the power and insight of personality profiles. *In-Person Only.
Perfect pre-networking session. Running time is approx. 30 min. 


This fun and entertaining introduction to DISC Personalities is a great starting point for conferences looking to offer exceptional value in the art of human connection, or the basis to building deeper interpersonal skills for teams and client relationship management.
This great pre-networking session, can include additional add-ons such as booklets and DISC Personality Assessments.
Running time is approx. 2 hour +.


Deepen your team's connection and communication skills, using easy-to-grasp, sticky personality clues and cues that can be implemented quickly.
Designed for business teams, this session includes the DISC Personality basics, while going deeper with practical strategies. Your team will walk away feeling empowered in their own strengths, and celebrating everyone around them. DISC Assessments and Booklets recommended.
Running time is approx 2.5 hours.

Featured Keynote

Leading from Behind;
lessons from the dragon boat

Creating E.P.I.C. team cohesion for diverse groups

If it feels like your team is paddling in circles going nowhere fast, this engaging keynote will have participants shift their perspective and appreciate the role everyone plays, finally understanding what it means to work together for E.P.I.C. cohesion.

What Clients Say...

Jennifer is a dynamic speaker with a diligent homework process to profile her clients.

We spoke extensively about our current and desired state before our team's DISC introduction.

This time invested really reflected in our session, Jennifer was able to keep our team engaged while challenging us to reflect on ourselves and others. I recommend Jennifer without reservation.

Adrian Altamirano 
National V.P., Strategic Relationships at PPI

All the qualities you want to see at the front of the room… interesting and appropriate content, humour, real life stories we could relate to.

Wrap that all up with information we could use right away in our business to improve communication skills with clients and colleagues!

I’ve personally had multiple trainings on personality dimensions and Jennifer’s was the most easily understood and useable version I’ve heard!

Marlene Marco
Founder, Heart of Networking

Jennifer was one of our keynote speakers and presenters at our annual Summit Conference for Advance Team Partners in Louisville, Kentucky.  
Jennifer brought with her much passion and enthusiasm in the direction of helping our entire team with her three core areas of focus on self awareness, awareness of others, and better connection... All of these were well delivered and hit our desired outcome. Our team members especially enjoyed the one on one sessions.
If you are... focused on the personal development of your team members... then Jennifer Maxwell will be a welcomed and extremely effective asset. Heck, her program even assists with relationships at home too. How can you go wrong?
I highly recommend Jennifer for your next event. You won't be disappointed! 

Roger Short
Managing Partner, Life Insurance Academy

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