Two Ways To Work With Jennifer


Three Reasons to Book Your One-to-One Session

Hard Data

I'm Not Your Mom
My job isn't to 'pump you up' by telling you nice things about yourself.

Instead, we'll use third-party independent assessments that will give you actual, concrete data about your natural strengths, which, guaranteed, are pretty awesome.

*No 'mom-hugs' required. 

All About You

Let's Take a Moment

During this time of upheaval, you might need to take a hot second just to regroup.

Our time together is completely focused on YOUR strengths, and how you're naturally built.

We'll drill down and discover your natural Power Zone, as well as taking stock of where your blind spots might be keeping you back. 

Action Plan

Rev the Engine
Now that we know your natural Power Zone, it's time to hone in on some areas that need some muscle! 

The goal is to have you walk away with a simple, yet effective action plan to get your momentum going right away.

Take immediate action on the future you've always wanted.

Corporate - Online Sessions Available

30-60 Minutes

Introduction to DISC

This fun and engaging introduction to the DISC Personalities metrics will have your audience up on their feet learning the importance and impact of better communication. 

With content that's easy to understand and implement, the audience will walk away with 'sticky information' they can use and incorporate immediately into every interaction going forward. 

This quick and impactful session is the perfect way to kickstart your communication engines at Conferences, Team Building, or Staff Training events. 

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Half Day Session

Team Building 

Team Building is fun... but it's better if its fun and useful. 

Half Day Sessions incorporate group tasks designed to stimulate new thinking, understanding, and of course, better communication - between teams, staff members, and customer/client relationships. 

With low risk activities (no risk of embarrassment or physical restriction) and high reward through fun and learning, these half day sessions are perfect for any team or teams looking to make the most out of their culture.

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Ongoing Training

Maintain Growth 

Working with Corporate Teams and Individuals, we'll create the right training sessions for better teams, better sales, and better service overall.

Whatever your company is struggling with, you can bet communication is at the heart of it. 

Love the team you've got, maximize your built-in strengths, and grow your business for the long game.

Designed for ongoing training over a designated time frame for maximum results. 

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Not sure which program is right for your needs? Please reach out directly to  I look forward to creating something unique and engaging for your team!