Not Your Typical Sales Course!

The Simplest Way to Better Sales in Turbulent Times.

If You've been struggling to keep your sales strong, now is the time to safeguard, protect, and thrive during this time of crisis. 

Join me for Not Your Typical Sales Course

I'm offering a special price for this LIVE session.

Does This Sound Familiar? 

  • You don't want to 'bother' people with your offer?
  • It feels like you're just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks? 
  • You treat everyone the way you would like to be treated but you don't feel respected in return? 
  • Despise conflict and objections? 
  • Potential clients "don't have the money"?
  • You follow a prescribed script but it feels salesy or inauthentic?
  • Feel like it's you versus 3 velociraptors? Yeah, you know the gif I'm thinking of. 

I get it. Sales used to terrify me into paralysis. Zero action. Nada. Zip. No phone calls, no follow ups, and no money in the bank. 

Then I learned to ask two simple questions about my client. The answers reveal a simple and effective 'map' of a person's approach to life.
Ask THEIR right questions, and close the sale. This method is so effective, it helped me maintain a 90% closing rate. Do you think that might help your bottom line? 

The process is simple and effective. And I'd love to show you how. 

3 Reasons to Join the Call

Know Yourself

It's not enough to be proficient at sales. You need to know YOUR style of communication, as it may be the limiting factor to closing the sale. 

It's important to add more tools to your toolbelt so that every sales offer doesn't occur like a nail. Or a monster.

This comes from self-knowledge.

Know Clients

Understanding your clients and THEIR approach to the sales process, helps you frame your position from the beginning of the entire process.

Nobody likes to be sold. Ever. This only raises objection after objection. Including the 'money' one.  

Learn to speak THEIR language.

Close Sales

Knowing yourself and understanding your clients are the first two steps for the basis of closing any sale.

Creating this level of rapport is what gives us all the 'mini yeses' along the way. 

When you have agreement, there is no pushing for the sale. Only an invitation. 

This INTERACTIVE Live Session will take place:

Thursday May 21
12:00 noon, EST
Via Webinar

Special Offer
$97  $47

Rob Tonus

Jennifer [showed us the] tool she uses to help salespeople like myself understand our clients at a meeting I recently attended. I was so impressed with the presentation that I reached out to her, and just completed a Zoom call with her.

I was very impressed with her intuition about my marketing needs. Beyond making recommendations of how I can best connect with people, she was really good at helping me hone my messaging so it’s strong and authentic to who I am and how I want to help my clients.

She was also able to take my ideas and create simple memorable phrases that would resonate with prospects. I strongly recommend her services to other salespeople and work teams in any sector.