July 18

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…


I’ve been a little MIA this past month…

And not for reasons you may think. We moved. Ugh – moving.

Somehow we’d accumulated more ‘stuff’ than we realized (that in itself is a whole other post!). I honestly thought going into this that I had it handled.

Our last move consisted of an incredible colour-coded box system that corresponded with labeled rooms and ‘areas’ within the basement where everything should be placed.

And it worked – because I was 9 months pregnant and failing was not an option.

This time though? I figured because I was physically more capable and not suffering from ‘baby-brain’ that I was super woman and would magically be able to be all things to all movers. I wasn’t.

I mean sure, it all got handled, but it was an eye opening experience, and one worth reflecting on.

Let’s face it – I got comfortable. I became sure in my skills and rested on my laurels a bit. Sadly, it was a stark reminder that no matter how ‘good’ you are at whatever you do, things can still sneak up on you and surprise you.

Like the fact that it’s six months into the year already. Um – how did that happen?!

We’re half way through the year!
Often times we can get caught up like this in our business. We look around and see that everyone’s taking holidays, business feels slower, and so we too, begin to sit back a bit and take it easy.

I encourage you to rethink the summer season. 

If you’re finding it a slower time business-wise (and I do encourage you to rest and recharge as well), consider that it may also be your best opportunity to get ahead!

Take hold of the opportunity to work ON your business if you’re working less IN it. It’s a beautiful thing.

Time to Reassess

Are there some things you wanted to see happen in your business this year?
Are you on track to making that happen?
What needs to take place in order to ensure the results you wanted?

Pull out the goals you made for this year and see where you are on the map. Like moving, this can be eye opening. Did you accumulate more ‘stuff’ along the way, or get sidetracked on what you said you wanted for yourself and your business? Or are you plodding along with your colour coded boxes of awesomeness?

Regardless of what you find, it’s a wonderful opportunity to recharge your ideas and implement some new strategies and habits so that you’re ready for ‘second new year’ (September), right after the sun sets on Labour Day.

Create New Habits

If there’ve been some habits you promised yourself you’d do this year but have fallen off the bandwagon, now is a perfect time to implement them again.

Since our move, we’ve needed to get a second couch for TV viewing, but haven’t found the right one yet. Miracles upon miracles, we just basically stopped watching TV. It was our go-to pre-bed laugh and unwind activity. We’d grab a snack (as one does when you’re on a Netflix series binge) and enjoy an episode or two of a good comedy.

Losing that simple habit has changed our lives. We’re getting to bed earlier, and I’ve lost 6 pounds. WHAT?!

While some new activities may feel forced upon you, you don’t have to move to make some awesome new changes.

Maybe consider getting up earlier. It’s quiet in the mornings. Less disturbance. And if you’re a creative person, you might find the ideas flow better without excess interruption. Conjure up those creative juices and recharge your business again!

Write a new course. Get marketing it so you’re ready to roll it out in September. Increase your email list, rebrand your business, realign your business to reflect your true message.

Whatever it is, big or small, now is the best time to get ahead of the game – not get caught up in the lazy hazy crazy days of summer. Although, you have permission to do this too – just be sure to keep on track!

Where to Begin

If you’re not sure where to start, I always suggest looking at your foundation. Adding new things into the business is great, but being able to handle them within your structure is even better.

Here are two of my most favourite foundational footings that every business needs:
Core Belief: This is your life’s mission. Your WHY. Knowing this will completely shift the way you do business. This IS your business.

Service Protocol: this is HUGE for me (this IS my life’s mission). Have you assessed the way you serve your clients? Do you know how to read people’s Service Language? This is a total game changer.

Maybe you already know there are a few cracks you need to fill, but want to bounce your ideas off someone who can provide an outside perspective. I can help with my free Discovery Session!

Reach out and book a time to rip open that unlabelled box you thought you’d remember the contents of. You might find yourself saying, ‘oh yah! I forgot about that!’

Core Belief Session

Uncover your WHY, your Life's Mission, in words, in a 2 hour private drill-down session.

Service Protocol Overhaul

Revamp the way you serve your clients by learning their SERVICE LANGUAGE.

Free Discovery Session

I invite you to begin a strategic plan to getting exactly what you want in your business and life. 

It starts with understanding yourself, how you're built, and what makes you tick. It's the mile marker on your roadmap. 

Let's get you from here, to where you REALLY want to be! Click below to book your Free Discovery Session, and we'll put you on your roadmap to absolute clarity.  

I can't wait to connect!

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