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While you wait, check out the video below to discover the missing ingredient
to most advice  out there today. 

Stay to the end & learn how you can get my 90% closing strategy:
The Ultimate Sales Conversion Cheat Sheet

Stop going in circles trying to figure out
what you "do".

Instead turn your natural skills and talents into a clear offer you can sell!

If you're tired of...

  • Trying to 'niche down' (why does this feel so impossible?!)
  • Lack of processes or structures to know exactly what you should do next
  • Following strategies from 'gurus' that simply don't work for you (ugh, can we stop with the cold DMs already?!)

Now you're looking for a better way to clarify an aligned offer you can actually sell.

You know you can help others with all your experience and knowledge
but feel like you don't know where to begin...

You've already tried 

Random Demographics to Figure Out Your Ideal Client


You still don't feel connected to your (made-up) client avatar, and can't figure out why the mythical, rich, 32 year old woman you named "Jessica" who loves lattes, isn't buying all your offers! 

Polled Your Friends and 

FB Groups as "Market Research"


You were left more confused about whether you could actually help anybody or even create a valuable offer. And worse, ended up getting pitched from at least 3 high ticket coaches. 

Hired an Expensive Marketer, Branding Coach or Photographer


Realized you simply spent a lot of money hoping this would help explain what you "do" and would fix your visibility problem... and yet you still didn't get any sales for all that shiney (and expensive!) exterior.

Here's a BOLD QUESTION for you

What if you could get off the frustration wheel and instead, use your existing knowledge & insight to grow a personalized, purposed-filled business, full of incredible clients that LOVE your offers?

Sound too good to be true?
Keep reading and I'll show you exactly how!

Are you ready to rip off the band-aid solutions 
and finally DO THIS rIGHT?

It only takes 3 Simple Steps to get REAL CLARITY for massive results.


CLARIFY your natural strengths, skills and talents through
100% Personalized Insight


CONNECT with your ACTUAL Ideal Client (no more making it up!), and Narrow your NICHE instantly.


Have the CONFIDENCE and step-by-step tools (included) to create your lucrative Obvious Offers.

Keep Googling or... 

with the wrong strategies from people that aren't built like you, and finally learn how to

INTRODUCING... The Inspired Entrepreneur Academy

Just $27/mo (limited time / Founding members) - Cancel anytime

When you join the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy


  • Personalized Strategies (DISC Personality Insights) to help you harness your natural ways of being so you'll gain confidence you're on the right path.
  • The Ultimate Ideal Client Avatar Process - the LAST time you'll EVER need to complete this strategy, so you can finally begin to speak directly to the clients you know you can serve.  
  • Narrow Your Niche with certainty. No more guessing or painful strategizing around what 'sounds good', instead you'll finally be able to define what it is you actually do. 
  • Obvious Offers - perfectly aligned offers you can now make that you didn't even see before, all with ease and flow built into your strategies. You'll finally have a clear offer you can actually sell.
  • Pillars & Content - your unique strategy for helping others, created in a step-by-step format.
  • DREAM Clients - Going Beyond "Ideal" and into Absolute Alignment with those unicorn clients you know you can help get results for (who turn into raving fans!). This is where fine tuning happens.

Just $27/mo (limited time / founding members) - Cancel anytime

Hey there,

I'm  Jennifer Maxwell

I'll help you turn your natural skills & talents into a clear offer you can sell.

As a creative entrepreneur, I completely understand what it's like to have a million amazing and inspired ideas... which can often lead to a lack of clarity, distraction, and nowhere fast if we don't have a process or container to build it with.  #beenthere

The reality is that we're just too close to it all; like trying to read the label from inside the jar. I'll hold up the mirror so you can see you're 1000% qualified to do what you've been dreaming of, and can begin getting real results with a simple yet strategic process that helps you launch your vision. 

A DISC Certified Human Personality Expert, I'm excited to show you a proven strategy to help you understand how you're naturally built, and areas you're already designed to excel in for a profitable business you love. 


Clarity & Connection Coach

It's like hiring a high ticket private coach

While paying just a fraction of the usual cost.

BUT WAIT - Like the ginsu knife - There's more!

If you join today, you'll also get

Members-Only Support Group

  • Community
    Connect with like-minded people on the same journey, and you'll feel inspired by fellow members who are working toward their own goals alongside you. 
  • Support
    Get ongoing support and all your questions answered on how to nail your niche, identify your ideal client, and how to build a truly aligned business.
  • Accountability
    Weekly live calls will help you focus on implementing these strategies that work, and keep your progress on track.

Tangible Deliverables

  • ICA Workbook
  • Dream Client Designer
  • 3-Step Simple Strategy Set-Up for Every Business
  • DISC Report Analysis Breakdown by Jennifer
  • Jennifer's Favourite Resources & Tools List

Amazing Bonuses

  • New Client Template - Boundaries from the Beginning
  • 3 Steps to a Balanced Business - a Day-to-Day Strategy
  • Say YES to Anything Without Short Changing Yourself Ever Again
  • Roles & Goals - Absolute Alignment in your Business & Life
  • The Ultimate Sales Conversion Cheat Sheet - Even if You Hate Sales
  • The Inspired Planner Process - Unlimited Access



Learn my 90% closing success strategy!  

*BONUS: 6-Hour micro-sized video course that will teach you my 90% closing strategies (with zero formal sales training). 

You'll know exactly what motivates any client you work with, so you can fully support their journey all while learning how to close the sale with ease. Even if you hate sales.*

*Currently sold separately for $97.


Join the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy 

The first complete process that will help coaches and creative entrepreneurs turn your natural skills & talents into a clear offer you can sell, faster, with less struggle, more joy, and total alignment.  

Get Instant Access 

  • Every step-by-step process inside the Academy
  •  Supportive online community to share your ideas and your journey
  • Incredible Bonuses 
  • Weekly live group coaching calls for feedback
  • Personalized strategy to maximize your natural business strengths
  • A sellable offer you can start earning money with!

Just $27/mo (limited time / founding members) - Cancel anytime


money back

7 day Guarantee

Risk free

7 Day No-Questions-Asked
Money Back Guarantee
& Can Cancel Anytime


I am new and just getting started. Will this still work for me?

YES! It's the perfect time to bring your expertise, skills, and talents to the table so you can create an offer you can sell.

Does this only work for people with a clear business idea?

No. This is often the challenge many creative, inspired people face - clarity in their direction. The processes inside the Academy are designed to help you work through all your amazing ideas and turn them into a cohesive offer you can sell. 

I don't know exactly who my customer is yet. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. Coffee orders, income bracket, and other random demographics won't help you figure this out. My unique process is guaranteed to turn that outdated strategy on its head in favour of your perfect ideal client that has been waiting for you.

I don't know have my business idea nailed down yet. Is that a problem?

Nope! That's what the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy is all about. Creative people often struggle to bring their incredible ideas together into something cohesive they can sell. If you don't know exactly what you want your business to look like yet, you're absolutely in the right place. 

Do I have to take a DISC Personality Assessment to get all the value from this information?

Taking a DISC Personality Test is completely optional. However, I always recommend it for two reasons: A) it's inexpensive at just $12.95, and B) you'll gain copious amounts of information to build your business on in the most powerful way. But no, it's not required in order to have success. 

When will I get access?

You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner circle group within 24 hours.

How much support is included?

Weekly coaching calls offer specific, real-time feedback for you, as well as our private FB group where you can get typed or video responses to your specific questions and support from the Academy group.

I am not tech-savvy. Do I need a bunch of expensive tools to build my business?

No, we believe in user & budget-friendly strategies as you build a business you love. I will show you my favourite tried-and-true resources and you can choose what works for you when and if you need it.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES. You have a 7-day Money-Back Guarantee. 

Who Is This Membership For

This IS for you if you are

  • Inspired / a self-starter 
  • Action-taker
  • Supportive / want a supportive environment
  • Willing to follow the process
  • Want to grow and scale an aligned business

This is NOT for you if you 

  • Won't work the process 
  • Won't show up / engage
  • Would rather fight for your limitations
  • Would rather keep going in circles than take action
  • Don't appreciate Star Wars, or a well-played .gif ?

If you're tired of spinning your wheels...

Stop going through the motions and get traction & fulfillment in your business instead.

Join the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy so you can finally turn all your natural skills & talents into a clear offer you can actually sell. I'm so excited for what's possible for you, and can't wait to see you inside. ?

Just $27/mo (limited time / founding members) - Cancel anytime