March 1

Universal Alignment

Universal Alignment - Seeking Gifts in Difficult Times.

Are you someone that's often aware of what's 'wrong' in many situations?
Maybe it's time to shift that perspective to what is RIGHT, instead! 

It's human nature to want to find the equilibrium in all things: Safety first. Lock the door so we don't get eaten by a tiger, etc. etc. 

But that approach to keeping our pulse on what's 'wrong', may be preventing us from seeing the OPPORTUNITY, or what's 'right' during what may be occurring like a disaster. Looking at you, Covid19. 

Check out my very 'zen' take on how 'disaster' may actually be a gift in disguise! 

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think it might be a bit too "Polly Anna" to seek out the positive at all costs? Or could it really be the way to a more joyful life? 

Let me know if you think this approach is potentially dangerous or massively insightful... 

Positively yours, 

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