On A Mission to Bring Visibility to Amazing Entrepreneurs



They called me Fun Jen back in the day and it stuck. If we can't do our work with joy, maybe it's time we do something else. My promise is to always bring an element of joy and delight to every process we engage in.



Authenticity is tossed around a lot these days, so let me clarify: REAL.
I'm not afraid to share my past mistakes to help you do it better the first time. It may also mean some live videos sans make-up. Keepin' it real.



Polished doesn't mean perfect, but rather shining what's already great, and transforming it into the exceptional.
My promise is to help you polish your presence. Show up visibly confident, powerful, and ready for your close-up. 

Excited to work with you. 

Our time together can occur in a number of ways, each of them valuable and supportive in a way that works for you. 

Click on any of the topics above to take you to the information you need, or reach out directly to support <at> jennifermaxwell.ca

Two Ways to Work With Jennifer Directly

Option 1: Personalized 1:1 Session for two hours (2 Assessments): $297

Option 2: Personalized 6 pg DISC Report & Pre-Recorded Video: $97

Hard Data

I'm not your mom

My job isn't to 'pump you up' by telling you nice things about yourself.

Instead, we'll use third-party independent assessments that will give you actual, concrete data about your natural strengths, which, guaranteed, are pretty awesome.

*No 'mom-hugs' required.

all about you

let's take a moment

Our time together is completely focused on YOUR strengths, and how you're naturally and amazingly built.

We'll drill down and discover your natural Power Zone, as well as filling in any gaps that are keeping you back from showing up powerfully, and confidently ready for anything.

action plan

rev the engine

Now that we know your natural Power Zone, it's time to hone in on some areas that need some muscle! 

The goal is to have you walk away with a simple, yet effective action plan to get your momentum going right away.

Take immediate action on the future you've always wanted.