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Turn your natural skills & talents into a clear offer you can sell

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Getting Clarity In Your Business Can Be Tough

Many creative entrepreneurs face the difficult challenge of narrowing their niche and defining specific processes that will actually work for them. Unique skill sets require unique strategies.

If you're frustrated by 

  • Too many ideas to choose from (it's hard to explain what you 'do')
  • Can't decide which product or service to focus on right now
  • Not knowing who your Ideal Client is, or where to find them
  • How to define a clear path, process, or outcome for your client 

You don't have to spin your wheels anymore...

Personalized clarity, connection, and aligned action are available in a step-by-step process for inspired, creative entrepreneurs to get traction for your business that feels trapped inside the hamster wheel.

Get Clarity, Connection, Confidence for your Inspired Business

When you join our academy, we'll help you put all the pieces into place to build your business so it's completely aligned with who you are, so you finally feel confident in the direction your going.

A Step-by-step Inspired Business Approach

Everything you want for your business is available through personalized insight. Identifying your natural strengths will shine a light onto your best path, and illuminate blind spots that are keeping you from your best results.

Personalized Business Strategy

Stop selling what you *think* people will buy, and start serving your clients from who you really are. Your own skills, talents, interests, and expertise makes you uniquely qualified to help others get their breakthroughs. 

A Business You're Truly Connected With

We'll connect all the floating pieces inside your business and (re)build it with alignment. You will finally be excited about YOUR business, serving those you can help in YOUR way, fully connected to everything you're designed to be and do in this lifetime. 

Jennifer Maxwell, Clarity Coach

Being an inspired entrepreneur, full of amazing ideas can be both exhilarating and exhausting.
Mostly exhausting if you're not getting anywhere with any ONE of those ideas...

Helping multi-passionate coaches get clarity & connection to their unique skills, while creating a clear offer you can sell is the essence of my work. 

If you're ready for Clarity, Connection and Confidence so YOU can step into everything you are meant to be in this world, welcome home.  

Get Clarity for your Inspired Business


JOIN NOW for instant access to personalized, step-by-step business strategies designed to show you which direction to take, and how to kickstart your inspiration engine.


Bite-sized video lessons make it quick and easy to implement personalized, aligned business strategies, so you can build your inspired business from the inside out.


When you know it in your bones, nothing can shake that powerful and natural confidence that comes with Clarity and Certainty. Step into your business with Confidence.

The Right Coach Helps YOU 
in  your way...

An outside perspective offers impactful tweaks to help you hit those home runs in your business faster and farther. 

A different approach. Designed with the multi-passionate entrepreneur in mind, we'll help you hone your best strategy. 

Stop spinning your wheels. It's time to get traction in the business you're already designed for.

So many possibilities, all of them are possible!!

- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs