CLARITY in your Business.
ALIGNMENT in your Actions.

Turn your natural skills and talents into a clear offer you can sell.

Designed for Inspired, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs.

Running A Creative Business Is Hard

There's no two bones about it. Creative minds are just that - creative! The work you do is often intuitive and thoughtful, and your time is best spent serving your clients in this way...
Except you're also trying to run a business. 

If you're frustrated by

  • The "wrong" or difficult clients (or even where to find them) 
  • Lack of processes or structures to know exactly what you should be doing next
  • How to carve out that necessary 'inspiration time' while still earning an income
  • Ways to create the business machine so you can keep serving your clients with less financial stress

You don't have to figure it out on your own anymore. You CAN run a successful, creative business you love.
And it starts with the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy.

Join the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy

A private, paid group space uniquely designed with inspired entrepreneur in mind. 

With a focus on who YOU are and how you're naturally built (using DISC Personality Profiles), you'll uncover all the ways to maximize your genius while building out the practical steps for a functioning and profitable business you love. 

Identify Your ACTUAL Ideal Client

This unique process will be the last one you'll EVER have to do. The cornerstone magic that flows from this will create an unfolding of your business like you never thought possible. 

Create or Modify Your Programs & Offers

Creating a suite of Signature Offers will be the pillars of your business structure. Understanding their flow is what triggers for your profitability, so you can continue creating and earning from your inspiration.

Take YEARS off the Learning Curve

Skip the painful lessons I learned first hand, and just take the golden nuggets to fast-track your business success in months instead of years. 

Pleased to meet you...


I'm  Jennifer Maxwell

From one creative entrepreneur to another, I understand the incredible inspiration that drives your business genius, and also that inspiration can lead to a lack of clarity which can completely destroy your traction. 

The challenge is that you're just too close to your business; like trying to read the label from inside the jar. My job is to hold up the mirror for you. 

As a DISC Certified Human Behaviour Consultant, I'm excited to show you a proven strategy to help you understand how you're naturally built, areas you're already designed to excel in, and how to create the structures you need for a profitable business you love. 

Together we'll map out your inspired business so you can continue to bring your genius to the world while getting paid for it. 

I'm so excited to work with you. 

Getting Started

Join the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy 


Join our supportive and engaged private group with expert insight. Get a support system to brainstorm, bounce ideas around, and fine tune every part of your biz.


Get access to step-by-step processes, insightful training, and guest speakers at the top of their game to help you map out your inspired business strategy


Implement strategic growth processes, must-have funnels, share ideas, and create consistency in every aspect of your business so you can focus on the work you love.

Connect the Pieces of Your Creative Genius

You know you're smart, competent and creative. You've got the goods, if only you had the structure to make it all work together. You might even have all the 'parts', but the machine isn't running effectively, or worse, profitably. 

The problem is simply a matter of CLARITY and INSIGHT. Get what you need and watch all the pieces come together - like a kickstart to the engine. 

Inspired Entrepreneur Academy offers the clarity you need to get laser focused on your creative business, turning it into a profitable machine that generates the work you love, every day.

Inspired Entrepreneur Academy

LITE - Monthly

  • Practical steps to build your business
  • Discover your natural alignment 
  • Ask Me Anything live sessions
  • Support and accountability


  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • 1 free meeting room
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free Tea & Coffee

Special Areas of Focus

Ideal Client Process

This unique approach is unlike anything you've done before. No more 'making up' a client you hope will buy from you. You'll learn EXACTLY who you're talking to.

From Ideal to DREAM Client

It's time to fine tune that dial in order to zero in on your absolute DREAM CLIENT.
Imagine working with a herd of Unicorns? That's what's possible with this process.

Nail the Sale

This work-at-your-own-pace video course shows you my strategic approach to non-sleazy sales that helped me close clients 90% of the time. 

Who Is This Membership For

Is this membership right for you?

This IS for you if you are

  • Inspired / a self-starter 
  • Action-taker
  • Supportive / want a supportive environment
  • Willing to follow the process
  • Want to grow and scale your aligned business

This is NOT for you if you 

  • Aren't willing to engage / support others
  • Won't do the work
  • Presume you have nothing to learn
  • Would rather keep going in circles than take action
  • Don't appreciate Star Wars, or a well-played .gif

It's time to get started

In short, if you're tired of spinning your wheels and not getting traction; feeling unfulfilled in your business, not aligned and going through the motions - then the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy is for you. ☺️

Join the Inspired Entrepreneur Academy Now

LITE - Monthly

  • Practical steps to build your business
  • Discover your natural alignment 
  • Ask Me Anything live sessions
  • Support and accountability


  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • 1 free meeting room
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free Tea & Coffee