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Maximize your natural creativity with systems and life hacks written with YOU in mind!

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Multi-passionate entrepreneurs think differently. We just do. 

If you've ever struggled to maintain a schedule, despise Time-Blocking, and never feel like you reach your goals by December 31st, The Inspired Planner is for YOU. 

The Inspired Planner

Creativity on Command

The Inspired Planner - The Ultimate Organizer for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever arrived at the end of the year feeling defeated that you didn’t reach all those lofty ‘number’ goals, feebly hoping next year will be better, you are not alone. This never has to happen again.

Instead, you’ll be looking back at all the incredible things you DID accomplish, ready for the most amazing things to come because you’ll finally be in creative flow.

Better results

  • Maximize your creativity with the flexible approach you need
  • No time-blocking or other rigid strategies that kill your inspiration
  • Stay focused on output without the typical unsatisfactory “goal” restraints

What Makes This Planner Different

You can’t “Time Block” inspiration or creativity, yet there are ways to maximize it. This planner does away with methods that may work for 75% of the population, but hasn’t likely work for you.

Your inspired nature is a little more rare (just 25-30% of people). This is why typical planners never seem to hit the mark. It’s not about doing more tasks, it’s about clearing the way for creativity - one project, one creative idea, one inspired moment at a time.

The Feature Highlights

  • Do away with “clock hours”: Let’s be straight up - if the regular scheduler you're currently using isn’t doing it for you, it’s because clocking hours doesn’t encourage creativity. Full stop. Do you think Einstein or Edison clocked their hours? Doubtful. When an idea presents itself, you run with it, regardless of what time it is.
  • Keep your creative ideas in one place: When inspiration hits, you need to put that into existence some place. You can do that here, week to week, with all the space you need to keep you on track with your current and future projects.
  • Practical steps to wooing creativity: yes there really are proven ways to encourage wildly creative thoughts to bubble up in your conscious mind. This planner shows you how. And it’s a game changer for life.
  • Beautiful 8.5x11 paperback is perfect for your desk, craft table, or wherever you do your creative business.
  • Inspirational quotes motivate you to keep focused with your thoughts during this unique state of semi-consciousness.
  • Train your mindset to actively engage your creativity, summon answers from your subconscious, and produce incredible work inside your business and life.

The first planner guides you through an entirely different approach, and includes a 3 month planner.

Once you begin working in this new way, you can choose 3, 6 and 12 month formats going forward.
Search Jennifer Maxwell on Amazon for the other books and series.

The Inspired Planner is an absolute game changer for your creative, multi-passionate approach to everything - so you can create more, produce more, love your business and life more.