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Welcome to the Aligned Business Clarity Process. This process is designed to help you go from alignment to clarity to implementing practical steps so you can increase your Influence, Impact and Income! Chances are you're amazing at what you do, but you might also be struggling with exactly WHAT it is you do (pulling together your experience and expertise into a cohesive business that works for you), and you may also be struggling to figure out just HOW to deliver it all. What products or services align with who you are and how you see your business working. I'm excited for you to dig into this unique process, so you can create and have a business you love.

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Nail the Sale

Helping inspired, heart-centred entrepreneurs gain the confidence to sell themselves, and their valuable products and services without feeling salesy.

Unlike the "numbers game" or sleazy and inauthentic sales scripts and tactics that are cringeworthy, I'll show you an adaptable process that earned me a 90% closing rate, without any formal sales training. 

You'll learn how to sell in a way that attracts, rather than repels, demonstrating how aligned and irresistible your offers really are to your buyers. 

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