Lessons from the Dragon Boat 

For Creating E.P.I.C. Team Cohesion


What Dragon Boating Can Teach  Us About Leadership & Team Cohesion

Strategic Team Positioning

Imagine using brawn when you need brains, or putting a "people" person alone in the back stockroom instead of the front desk.
You can't out-hustle your weakness. Instead, lean into your team's natural strengths through strategic positioning.

Power Plays on Command

When your people are in their right positions, you can turn the power on when you need it most with less effort, while maximizing output and better results. 

Getting the right kind of power from the right positions balances the energy reserves.

Maximum Team Effort through Cohesion

Power is good. Cohesion is better. A smaller, more aligned team wins out over bumbling brawn any day. 

When a team doesn't paddle together, the boat will still go fast, but only in circles. Paddling in unison gets you across the finish line. 


Discover how Lessons From a Dragon Boat can make a difference with your team

Join Jennifer as she takes you through her journey with a motley crew of parents and teachers with no paddling experience in 2017, to Gold Medal winners in just four seasons (picking up a Bronze and Silver along the way).

One of the only true "team" sports, Dragon Boating highlights how to create synergy and cohesion for any team.

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