Unicorns do exist.
Turn your ideal client into DREAM clients. 

Fine tune the dial for the clients you've always dreamed of.

No More Guessing

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Fine Tune Your Dream Client

Now that you've figured out WHO your Ideal Client is (insert cheers and excitement here), it's time to fine tune that dial to zero in on your absolute DREAM CLIENT. ?

We won't be talking about "values", but rather Governing Characteristics that you know your clients need to possess in order to work with you. 

We'll drill down deeper to include an aspirational approach, a way of being or living into - such as '"action taker" (one of mine).

Easier Than You Think

This process includes a number of checklists for a quick and easy process. 

We'll sort out how YOU naturally do business, and what your expectations are (perhaps the unspoken or even unconscious expectations you hold) when it comes working with anyone. 

Begin with your most dominant traits, and work toward your least-like-you traits, curating a short list of 'must have' characteristics in all your clients going forward. 

Imagine a roster FULL of clients that are engaged in your process, take action, and get results. Talk about impact! 

Discover These Critical Components

Governing Characteristics

Discover the ways of being that you need your clients to possess which creates a powerful and impactful business relationship.

Language that Lands

Craft self-selecting language that finetunes your Ideal Client into your DREAM client.

A Process For Onboarding

Get ready for new clients with a powerful yet simple approach to expectations and outcomes - so everybody wins. 


What People Are Saying

This is how many sheets I've filled out trying to figure out WHO my Ideal Client is, until now! ?

Let's Get Started

Let's take our Ideal Client to DREAM CLIENT with these next simple, yet critical steps. It's time to transform something good into something outstanding.  

From Ideal Client to DREAM CLIENT

$37 USD gets you seat at the table.
Let's take this from good to OUTSTANDING.