NAIL the SALE, Naturally.

Awkward Sales Conversations?

Learn how to get instant buy-in so you can
close every sale with ease and authenticity.  

Hate Sales? You're Not Alone.

Everyone resists that awkward push toward the "pitch". 

If you've ever had that distasteful feeling (on either side of the table), there's something fundamentally wrong in the conversation. 

Sound Familiar?

  • You'd rather make FRIENDS than FUNDS.
  • It feels awkward when you try to 'pitch'. 
  • Customers don't understand your value
  • Unsure if prospects are ready to sign
  • Difficulty with challenging clients

It's not you. It's the tacky approaches that "sales gurus" keep insisting work (*cough. They don't).

You're likely experiencing one of these roadblocks

Typical sales tactics feel, well... tacky! 
You're sick of the so-called "Numbers Game"
You need a repeatable sales process
You're ready to develop your natural ability to close more sales

Imagine How It Would Feel To

  • Step fully into your strengths and zone of genius with confidence
  • Quickly know your client's motivation so you can tailor your approach
  • Feel ULTRA prepared for every meeting
  • Have a completely adaptable process and toolkit so you're ready every time
  • Be SELECTIVE with future clients

You deserve to have a profitable business that you love. It's easier than you think and I can help you get there.

NAIL the SALE, Naturally!

A work-at-your-own-pace Video Course to increase your natural presentation skills, so you can uplevel your business approach to become the ONE everyone loves to buy from. 

-Sarah Sansom

I am currently seeing the highest volume of inquiries that my business has ever experienced. With the inquiries that I was willing/able to work with, my conversion is 100%. WHAT!?

-Rob Tonus

Beyond making recommendations of how I can best connect with people, [Jennifer] was really good at helping me hone my messaging so it’s strong and authentic to who I am and how I want to help my clients. She was also able to take my ideas and create simple memorable phrases that would resonate with prospects.

Ready to become the ONE
everyone LOVES to buy from?

Here's the Skinny

  • Work-at-your-own-pace Video Course lets you control how fast or slow you go.
  • Micro-learning (short videos) lets you build your knowledge in an easily digestible and instantly useable way.

  • Create a predictable presentation approach for every client so you're never stumped for how to proceed again!

The Self | Others | Adjust Approach

Adjust or Bust! is the mantra for an elevated level of communication.

Adjusting can only happen when you know where you're starting from. So we'll tackle ourselves first! 

Visual Clues, Pace, & Oral/Written Communication

Success leaves clues. And so do people. Learning the important cues will help you connect more deeply and authentically with others. 

Motivation-Driven Buying Habits

Everyone has internal motivators based on natural human nature.

Meet your client's unspoken needs and help them solve their problems with your products and services. A win-win.

Powerful Language for Every Client

People are different, and so is their language. You may be saying the same words, but mean something completely different.
Use someone's power words and you can really provide the clarity your client needs to sign the deal. 

Why This Works


From Hippocrates to Galen.

 From commedia dell'arte to modern day Sit-Coms.


Predictable characters grace all the stages of the world.
Including business and life

You are already doing this work unconsciously.
Now you'll have a framework to hang it all on. 

The Cornerstone of Sales Success

3 Incredible Tools

DISC 101

Instant access to the DISC approach for sales.
This foundational knowledge will lay the cornerstone of this insightful work .

Value - $500

Power Words and Motivation Chart

This quick 'Cheat Sheet' is designed to keep you on target!

Once you've noticed the clues, you can zero in on powerful communication to nail the sale.


4 Sales Presentations

You'll create a custom sales approach personalized to YOUR business, so you are READY for any prospect you meet with. 
THIS is your SUCCESS toolkit!

Value - $ Priceless

Ready To Be Profitable?

Let's Recap The Whole Shebang...

Here's What You'll Get 

Work-at-your-own-pace Video Course

Intro to DISC 101 - the foundational learning

Q&A Support in a Private FB Group for deeper results

Power Words and Motivation Chart Cheat Sheet

A Personalized Sales Approach for YOUR BIZ

Confidence and skills to handle every sale like a boss

Unlock Unlimited Sales!
Invest in yourself, your business, and grow your bottom line 




100% Risk Free

In this course, I will be sharing the exact tools I used to identify each and every client I've worked with, resulting in my 90% closing rate, without ever taking any formal sales training. 

I am confident that this course will provide massive insight into your business processes. But you must do the work. The results you want are directly connected to the effort and work you put into this. 

This course is for you if:

  • Want to become that trusted advisor for every client
  • Feel awkward about 'trying to close'
  • Booking some calls but hate the entire sales process
  • Would like more profitability for your business
  • Want to build longevity into your client relationships

This course is NOT for you if:

  • Don't watch the video lessons
  • Don't practice the work
  • Don't take action

My promise is that if you complete the course, show up, ask questions, do the work, and implement the strategies for every lesson, and you still aren't seeing any change in your business,  I will refund the cost of this course. 

Welcome to this awesome ride... I'll be your tour guide.

Hey there, I'm Jennifer.

I'm excited to share my tried and true connection approach that I've used in my own business for more than a decade. 

Without any formal sales training, I worked my way up to a 90% closing rate, simply by observing the clues, understanding my client's motivation, and adjusting my language. 

It's easy to learn, and I'm going to show you how... so you TOO, can shift from feeling awkward and uncomfortable during these important conversations, to becoming the one that everyone loves to buy from. 


Do I get the videos all at once?

YES!  All the course content will be fully accessible to you. You can breeze through as quickly as you like, or return and watch as many micro-videos as you have time for. Again, and again. And again, if you like! 

Do I have to participate in the FB Group?

The choice is yours, of course... however, like anything in life the more you apply new learning in different ways, the more deeply ingrained the lessons become, reducing the need to constantly review to make it 'stick'. 
Additionally, the course content allows for comments, so you can always leave your questions or comments there, and I'll be responding to each one.

I'm a Coach - would this be valuable for my business at all?

100%. The more quickly and deeply you can demonstrate that you really 'get' your client, the more powerful their transformation. Knowing your client's innate motivation will be the key to unlocking and accessing what they need to get them back on track quickly and successfully.  

What if I'm not even in sales?  Could this still help me in my job?  with my colleagues?

Absolutely. You ability to communicate with others is 85% of your success. When you can deeply connect with others, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be respected and appreciated for your leadership skills, and advance your career growth and trajectory.

You are SO ready for this.

It's time to be done with those uneasy feelings and awkward moments.
It's time to stop having the same stagnant sales, year after year.
It's time for you to become armed and ready so you can sell with ease. 

It's time for YOU to become the one that everyone loves to buy from. 

More Sales.  More Fun.  More Freedom.

And it starts right now.