Entrepreneurs Program


Personalized, one-to-one, business alignment coaching with Jennifer.
We'll pull together all your incredible ideas into an aligned, targeted approach so you can stop spinning your wheels, gather your wits, and finally create the aligned business you've always dreamed of. 

Stop Trying to Out-Hustle your Weakness

Running a small business can be exhausting. Especially when you've got so many ideas and you want to do ALL of them!

If every day feels like a grind, chances are you're putting too much energy into the wrong area. You simply can't out-hustle your weakness. 

Your Custom Playbook

Imagine your very own third-party, independent assessment of your power zones and your blind spots... What could that kind of insight offer you in terms of the way you play the game? 

Now imagine you have a coach with more than 15 years experience in reading the data who can help you create a strategy to get you farther, faster.

Personalized, One-to-One insight will get you there with Aligned Business Clarity coaching.

What's Included

30 Page DISC Assessment

Your DISC Assessment will highlight how you occur both naturally and under pressure, your natural strengths as a leader, and some blind spots that may be causing you unnecessary challenges. It's the first key to unlocking your best strategies going forward.
We'll stop with tactics that will never work for you, and start doing all the things that will help you thrive.

3 Private 1-Hour Calls/mo

3x a month, we'll get on a private, 1:1 call to look at every aspect of your business, your strengths and interests, and create new possibilities for the business you're dreaming of.
Time to implement, iterate, and craft your unique approach to an aligned business will create clarity inside your business like never before, setting you up to make aligned decisions in the future. 

Personalized Roadmap 

You'll have access to my signature strategies that help you identify who you are, who your Ideal Client is, and ideas to create an aligned business that resonates with everything you're about, and nothing you're not.
Finally you'll see the roadmap for the business you've always imagined. 
Imagine it. Really. What IF there was a way to make this work? 
There is. 

Aligned Business Clarity Coaching

Aligned Business Clarity is a fast-tracked approach to getting alignment in your business quickly.

Personalized attention helps get you get going in the right direction without the distraction of group coaching calls or wasted time.

You'll get instant access to all the content, allowing you to move through it as quickly as desired, booking 1:1 calls on your schedule, making time for implementation at your own pace.

A minimum of two months is required, but you may continue as long as needed to create the roadmap for your desired business strategy.

Play to your Strengths. 

Private, 1:1 sessions, 3x per month for a minimum of 2 months,
$497 USD/mo