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Do you ever feel like you're on a hamster wheel, going in circles, doing all the things, but still not getting anywhere? 

It's not your fault...

Most 'gurus' and their strategies don't work for about 75% of the population. They will tell you WHAT, but not HOW (or WHY) to build a business. Because they're missing ONE KEY INGREDIENT.  

That one missing ingredient isn't another tip or trick or hack that's going to magically make everything work. Let's be honest, have they ever worked?

Test this yourself by checking out your 'course graveyard'. You know the one, where you buy all these courses, get a few lessons in and then stop? Slowing building a graveyard of unfinished courses that never actually got you to where you want to go?

Or worse, try strategies that are so misaligned that you can't even bring yourself to implement them (hello 25 cold DMS a day). 

OMG - stop the madness. 

So what IS the solution for multi-passionate, multi-potentialite people?

As a Certified Human Personality Coach, I can tell you, the most important component is: YOU, and your personality. You must create a through-line combining all your natural strengths and talents into a clear offer that you can sell with ease. 

It took me years to solve this puzzle on my own, after taking dozens of courses and trying many misaligned strategies. 

The result? A lot of failure, and trial & error. Until I finally cracked the code. A personalized strategy based on our natural DISC personalities. This absolutely cleared the path to personal success. And better yet, it's completely customizable to how you're naturally built!

It's totally possible to stop running circles and turn your natural skills and talents into a clear offer you can sell, through personalized business strategies built just for you.

Launching soon, The Inspired Entrepreneur Academy is the hub for every creative entrepreneur who is tired of aggressive strategies that don't work, are outdated or misaligned, and simply feel like a money grab from High Ticket Coaches who only seem to be getting rich by selling expensive packages with limited support (if any!).

Beginning early Spring 2023, I'll be sharing everything I know about building a business that's personally aligned for YOU. 

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