No card shoving. Or awkward moments. Guaranteed.

Absolutely no sales tactics, pushy coffee dates, or downline building allowed.

With all the learning and relationship building you WANT from a community designed with the small business professional in mind. 

If you've had your fill of being cornered, repeatedly called for products and services you're not interested in, yet still know you need to get out and meet people to grow your business, it's time for you to UNnetwork!

If you're tired of the card-shoving, fruitless time-wasters, and being cornered into coffee dates you have no interest in, it might be time for you to UNnetwork!

We'll be taking a bit of time off on our monthly sessions in order to work on a slightly different approach to UNnetwork. 

Stay tuned for the exciting updates to come! 


What can I bring to the event?

Please DO bring:
YOUR BUSINESS CARDS, but be prepared to only pull them out when ASKED for them, and NEVER so that you can solicit business for yourself afterward (unless that's been agreed upon!). 

YOUR ENERGY - be prepared for lots of organized connection with amazing local business professionals.

A PEN AND NOTEPAD - there will be some things you'll want to jot down in the learning portion!

AN APPETITE - M&R Catering Co. will be whipping up a delectable mini menu just for us! Fresh croissants, local honey and spreads, a bit of protein to keep us going, fresh coffee, tea, and more!

SMALL CHANGE - For our 50/50 draw, with the winner taking half, AND choosing a charity of their choice for the other winnings! $2.00/1 ticket, $5 for 3 tickets. 

Please DON'T:
Don't plan to build your downline. You are TOTALLY WELCOME to discuss your products and services (a GREAT place to find new customers!), keeping in mind that every person there is ALSO building THEIR business. Should the relationships you build bring people to ask about joining your team, then go for it! But please - not before someone asks. 

Don't be shy!  It's challenging to come to a new space, with new people. It's my promise to make you feel welcome throughout the event.

Why UNnetwork?

I believe building solid business relationships should be simple.  You’re not just buying that thing – you’re investing in a level of honesty, integrity, and excellent service, from people who are honest, have integrity, and are interested in serving others with excellence, not just their own pocketbook. 

Here's the story... 

After a decade in the wedding industry, I became routinely frustrated by standard networking practices, which typically involved some sort of random introduction from an unknown person shoving a card in my hand and letting me know they'd love to work with my clients, and then requesting a meeting in order to tell me all about themselves and their business. 

Because the conversation was often one-sided, it never, EVER materialized into a working relationship. And it just never will. Building relationships and trust is always reciprocal, and it takes time. Something that your business card can just never do for you. 

Checking in with many trusted colleagues, I found I wasn’t alone. The cornering elevator pitches, the card shoving, the emails insisting I choose between Tuesday or Thursday next week for a meeting I had no interest in attending left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

The result? The successful business people around me stopped attending ‘networking’ events, and I started to feel like fresh blood standing alone in the room, waiting for the inevitable attack. 

It was time to change it up. To stop the madness. To UNnetwork.


Providing elevated, integrity-based business-focused events for business professionals, offering an opportunity to connect with people before products & purchase, in a fun and engaging atmosphere, without the awkward moments. Guaranteed.

Core Values

  • Celebration of individual gifts, strengths, and contribution
  • Attitude of Servitude
  • Integrity
  • Creativity, possibility, and fun
  • Global Citizenship
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