Peak Personality Performance for your Business Starts Here.

Turn the power of your personality into fast, peak performance results in hours - not months.

Why a VIP Day?

How fast do you want results? Investing one to two days where we drill down, extract the gold, polish and package it all up with your voice, your message, and your unique spin on it all is what we like to call Peak Personality Performance. 

Bring your best to the world faster, so you can do more of the work you love while building a successful and satisfying business. 

Fast Results

Starting with a DISC Assessment, get the proven insights you need, highlighting your strengths (and blind spots), so you can maximize your peak personality performance.

Personalized Roadmap

We'll craft a personalized roadmap and/or outline for your framework, messaging, communication and/or team onboarding strategies so you can do more of the work you love.

Tangible Assets

Get custom assets like SOPs, Client Onboarding documents, Workbook or Slide Decks, and/or Personality-based Sales Conversation Cheat Sheets, ready for use instantly. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

Depending on where you are in your business, you have two options to serve you best.

Aligned Business Clarity

Perfect for new or pivoting entrepreneurs who need to clarity on the ABCs of their personally aligned business. Starting with a 30 Page DISC Personality Assessment, we'll get clarity and define the following:

  • Ideal Client
  • Natural Niche
  • Obvious Offers
  • Business Road Map
  • Core Messaging
  • Tangible Business Assets

Peak Personality Performance

Perfect for professionals who already have momentum, clients, and a strategy that's working, but who may have gaps, lack support personnel/team, strategic partners, want to increase sales, or simply need a better SOP to maximize or create a seamless process for success.

  • 30 Page DISC Personality Assessment
  • What's working, what's not, + everything else
  • Where the critical gaps and bottlenecks are holding you back
  • Define your SOPP: Standard Operating Personality Procedure
  • Establish a hiring strategy using DISC metrics for the right fit
  • Tangible Business Assets

Productivity Course for Entrepreneurs: focus & action

If you're here, at the bottom of the page, the real question you want to ask yourself is, how much longer do you want to struggle to get this handled?

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