I was BORN ready!!

This is what I was saying when this picture was taken.

This past week I was fortunate enough to deliver a 'Passion Share' on stage at Speaker Slam's Grand Slam event, with more than 500 people in the audience. 

I was one of the lucky ones to have my name pulled from a hat - just 6 out of 10 speakers were called on stage (out of an original 90 applicants) to share our hearts out for just two minutes.

The topic was 'Conquered', and I shared my journey to overcoming a mindset that had me playing small for far too long.

Most of us play small for many reasons. But the truth is that we were ALL 'born ready', to do whatever it is we're meant to do... we just forget along the way thanks to circumstances, poor input, and some powerful negative mind control. 

What is one thing you KNOW you were meant to do, but have NOT been doing?

We are all naturally built for something specific, and have natural talents that the world needs.
It could be that you're built to be a dynamic speaker, or incredible at numbers, or a master at organizing spaces or thoughts, or ideas.

Whatever it is, I promise you, the world NEEDS whatever it is you've got built into your bones.

Clues and Cues

Check out the four main DISC quadrants. They can provide you with some insight into how you see the world. 

How you see the world then indicates what your natural strengths may be. 

Self knowledge is the first key to understanding just what your innate skills and talents are, and what the world needs from you.

What am I built for?

One of the most powerful resources I had in my life wasn't the opinion of others. Many people offered their thoughts, and comments, and while their intentions were good, sometimes those opinions can be skewed thanks to biases. 

I always suggest a 'third-party independent study', as I like to say. It lacks 'opinions', and only offers data based on your answers. When I was diving into what makes me tick, I found a few of these resources incredibly helpful, and a powerful source of information. 

Two of my favourites include a DISC Assessment (of course), and StrengthsFinder (of which I have no affiliation). Both of these are exceptional in their own right and may provide you with answers you've been looking for. 

"What makes you come alive?! Do THAT!
The world needs more people who come alive and dance."

Lean In. Level Up. Leverage.

Lean In.
Is there something that you know you were born to do (or have always wanted to do), but haven't? THAT'S the thing, right there. 

Level Up.
What's been holding you back or keeping you playing small? What can you do to shift your perspective and take action?

DO. SOMETHING. Make yourself accountable by telling someone you know will hold you to your word. You'll be amazed at the shift if you just run toward the fear. I promise you.  

Reply and tell me what it is that you KNOW is calling you. I'm SO excited to see your gifts for the world. 

We've been waiting for you. 

Curious about your unique DISC Personality Blend? 

You can take your own assessment and obtain your results immediately!
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