January 19

Gifts Under Pressure

Gifts under pressure....

Gifts show up in many forms. 

Life gives us all sorts of ups and downs, and our ability to respond when circumstances require it, will either help or hinder the moment at hand. 

Mostly they'll help if we seek to lean on the special gifts people present during times of need. 

These past weeks have been an example of that for us. Our family lost a treasured son, brother, father, and for me, my nephew, Devon.

Without going deeper into the heartache we all feel at this time, I wanted to shine a light instead, on the ways we all navigate life under times of tremendous pressure and pain. 

No matter where you land on the DISC Personality quadrants, how you handle stress could provide tremendous gifts for hurting people, if we could only see it that way. 

We may notice how people openly grieve, or don't outwardly grieve at all, and we naturally make judgements about people based on what we see. But if we could see with our hearts just a bit more, we can remove judgement and instead, lean on the gifts we naturally have, at the very least, to get through the most painful initial moments of great loss. 

See the Gifts. 

Let the weepers weep. It helps them feel deeply and return to peace sooner. 

Let the planners plan. It offers purpose at difficult times. 

Let the sentimental serve. Serving offers healing for both the giver and receiver. 

Let the doers do. The 'heavy lifting' of practical actions creates a safe place to rest for others who need it, and a way of helping for those who would rather 'do', than weep. Especially publicly. 

Each way is a perfect gift. Thank those around you for all their purposeful actions, especially in difficult times. 

And most importantly, hug your loved ones, and always let them know how much they mean. 


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