March 8

Rising to the Top

If You're Climbing Your Way Up...

The best way to accomplish that might surprise you! 

Should you work harder than everyone else?
Stay later?
Skip holidays? 

It actually has less to do with all of the above, and more to do with what's in the video below.

After learning some life lessons from the VP of one of the top four consulting companies in North America about how she climbed the ranks, the answer might surprise you. 

*Hint - it's right up my ally 😉

Whatdya you think of today's video? Do you think that's true?

Remember that our work is 15% technical and 85% soft skills. For reals. How comfortable are you with building deep rapport with those you work with and serve?

Could it be time for a tune up? Reach out and let me know... I've got an assessment for that, lol. 😉 

Positively yours, 

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