October 29

Sometimes Life is Sh!t. Literally.

Sh!t Happens. Literally

Like when your toilet explodes at 11pm and starts leaking onto the living room ceiling. Yeah, that.

By the time my hubby and I crawled into bed around 2:45am from cleaning up the mess, we'd managed to move all of the furniture out, along with the electronics/TV, covered the floor in plastic and towels and buckets, while the water pooled and dripped, and spread, leaked faster, then finally slowed to a pace where we felt secure enough to get some sleep and leave the outcome to the toilet gods. 

A few things happened that I felt was worth sharing with you. Not necessarily the poop, but the lessons. đŸ˜‰ 

For one thing, this strange thing sometimes takes over when you hit a new level of exhaustion - a zen-like peace. You just do the work quietly, with cooperation, hoping to be blessed by sleep as soon as possible. 

Secondly, if you allow it, a sense of joy. I know, weird. Stay with me though. 

"The Universe always conspires for you."
I've been making this statement frequently for more than a year now, and the funky part? It's 100% true.

It's not just about 'a silver lining', it's REALLY about the gift that's been presented! 

When you can really get that Every. Single. Thing. that happens is FOR you, there's no pain in it anymore. 

There is literally zero upset required over anything that might occur as a "problem".

Bam. Right?!

So just how did a poopy ceiling bring us 'joy'? 

Well, for one thing, we found a new spot for much of our furniture, including the TV.  

Out of necessity, we were able to create a whole new space where the family gathers all the time now!

Creating this feeling of 'togetherness' is very important to me. Now, more than ever, I feel surrounded by the ones I love, more often.

Secondly, we realized how 'flexible' we felt about making these changes. Along with it, a sense that we could actually reduce the amount of stuff we have in the house to allow for us to create a more mobile lifestyle. 

Like many people, we dream of a life that includes lots of travel and adventure. And let's face it - having a lot of 'stuff' can really make that difficult to achieve. 

When you say you want something, the Universe says,
"Ok! Try this on for starters...". 

In order to have something different, you have to DO something different. Most times though, change is difficult or scary, and nobody really wants too much of it. Yet we often still hold visions for the grandiose. So how do you get there? 

You must receive all the 'gifts' that the universe sends your way. Even when it's cloaked in crap. 

My challenge for you going forward, is to begin saying, "the Universe always conspires for me!" - any and every time something great, or what appears to be less-than-great, happens. 

Whether you realize it or not, you are training your brain to seek out and recognize the gift in every situation. 

And be sure to tell me all the joy you find in life this coming week! 

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