January 31

Daily Routines That Work for YOU

If you're anything like me, you may have found yourself looking for the 'perfect daily routine' to run your business more efficiently. 

When you observe others, you see how they love their checklists, or use time blocking, and master their calendars like a boss... and yet, it just hasn't worked for you. You're just uninspired by it all. 

Welcome to my world. As a high I/SC (DISC) blend, I found all of these methods leaving me flat. Then the penny dropped... 

So what should you do? Well, watch this video for starters, and then STOP DOING WHAT WORKS FOR EVERYBODY ELSE! 

You have to figure out how YOU'RE built, and do some ground work to understand how to maximize not only your strengths, but the parts of you that cause you to take action.

For me personally, I'm a naturally inspired person, so it's easy for me to take action once I AM inspired. As a result, I created a system that allows me to generate the energy to work simply by following my natural way of being. I also stopped punishing myself by 'saving' what others might consider as 'play time', and using that at the START of my day, as the crank to the work motor I need to CREATE and GENERATE output for my business. 

Pretty smart huh? What's your best 'get up and go' technique?

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Jennifer Maxwell

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