February 9

Fists of Fury

Fists of fury...

Do you consider yourself a passionate person?
Many do. And we wear that badge with honour.

The power of passion is responsible for lots of exciting emotions. And, if I can say it plainly, that sometimes means it isn't always a good thing too.

Let's talk hockey for a minute... it stirs the fans, the cheers, and the passion to score or win at any cost.

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Passion is a powerful and influential emotion, which left unchecked can sometimes get the better of us. Like when you see your kid get checked, or slashed, or tripped in a no-contact league.

Ugh. Yes. That.  

My husband and I are only into our second year as hockey parents, and our kids, while doing well, aren't headed to the NHL any time soon. And we're ok with that.

We love the sport for the friendships and team spirit, but sometimes that 'team spirit' isn't always shared. Especially from other teams that are noticeably stacked with Select players, and a coach that reminds me of the dirty Sen Sei from Karate Kid. 

Remember that movie? Yeah. We see what's going on here...

Ok, so it's probably not that dirty, but it sure feels that way when it's your kid's team taking the hits. 

After two particularly rough back-to-back games last week, 'passion' reared it's ugly head as our cheers turned from 'nice pass!' to 'keep it clean!!'. After four penalties under their belt, and a few wounded players on ours, frustration that the Refs weren't calling more questionable shots were starting to mount. 

My husband, who coaches our younger son's team expressed his upset when we returned home. He said, "I can't stand dirty plays. It makes me want to become a Ref, so I can prevent this kind of stuff from happening."

If you're anything like my husband (by way of sharing some D personality traits), you probably dislike injustice of any kind, on any level. 

The passion to go that extra mile to prevent injustice is a very powerful pull. In fact, you may find that the work you already do in some way helps people from being taken advantage of, or protects others in the best way you know how to help them. 

But here's the rub - we can't save everyone and every injustice in the world. It would be exhausting and pointless because we'd be spread so thin. We have to pick our battles.

In the end, my husband decided against getting his Ref certification just so he could prevent that one coach from his poor leadership, lol.

Where is your energy best suited to really help others? 
It could be in the work you're already doing. Or through volunteering at your kid's school, or donating to a homeless shelter. Maybe it's making an extra meal for a neighbour, or buying a coffee for the car behind you. It doesn't matter. As my brother-in-law says, 'pick one fight and win it.'  

Don't get caught up in fights you can't win or that could be better left to someone who has already devoted their passion to it.

Like, for example, the amazing Todd at our local arena who shows up every Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday to run the entire shebang for more than six months of the year. 


Todd's passion and love for the game is fierce, and there isn't anything he hasn't got his pulse on at his 'church', as he calls it - including ensuring my kiddo's two goals are correctly adjusted up on the score board, a secret Crosby toque stash in the back room, a quick adjustment to a goalie's pads, trophies, awards, dry ice and spotlights... and even a bit of rough play. Todd never misses a beat. 

We know Todd's got our back. And we love his passion for the game, and for the families and players he serves so well, all with so much hockey love. 
Thanks Todd. We see your passion and so glad you're carrying that torch. 🙂 

The Upshot...

Today's reminder is to ask yourself where your passion could best be used in the most powerful way, for the benefit of all you serve.  

Pick an area to focus your passion on, and win it. Like Todd does. With the right kind of passion. 

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