Managing The Mayhem

Are you feeling it? I'll admit, I've had my moments of uncertainty too... 

At first glance, I welcomed the opportunities to slow the pace down just a bit, allowing me to manoeuvre through the COVID-19 health crisis with some grace. 

I could finally allow myself the gift of thoroughly going through my office to shed the excess that was cluttering some of my physical and mental space.

I could offer a fresh perspective for those that felt the immediate pang of discomfort, bringing my naturally positive approach to others who really needed that. 

And then it hit... 

I realized I had been in reaction mode - supporting others, taking my focus off my business efforts, and my own ongoing and necessary (yet appropriate) marketing efforts.

Watching all the waves coming from outside sources: the free courses, the 'write your book now!' sessions, the being stuck inside, looking at the same four walls, the kids in the house... Cabin Fever is real, my friends. 

I wasn't inventing and creating anymore (my power place)... I was reacting, feeling bounced around, and I began putting up barriers to all the input that was coming at me.

Definitely a self-preservation move. Withdrawal is my go-to.
It's my way of keeping 'safe' during what occurs as overwhelm. 

Shifting The Focus

As someone who considers herself quite 'self-aware', I could see everything that was happening and I knew I had let myself stay in a stagnant place for too many days. I knew I needed to shift my focus. 

I began asking myself some questions:

  • What do I know about my personality blend?
  • What would I observe about someone else in my shoes?
  • What would shift this energy and focus? 

It was definitely a lightbulb moment. I had forgotten this very basic knowledge that I use it to help others all the time, and here I was needlessly 'suffering'. Oi vey... 

Here are some really simple reminders, in case you need it too ;-).

Three Ways To Shift 

Regardless of where you land on the personality spectrum, there are THREE WAYS to shift your energy into ACTION. 

TAKING ACTION is ALWAYS the place that change everything. But getting there is the key.

HOW we get to the place of being able to take action is where we differ. There is no one right way. Whatever way works for you is the right choice. And it may be a combination of two or all three:

  • Thinking / Planning
  • Talking / Expressing
  • Doing: Something / Anything

If you are OUTGOING (D and I), chances are you tend to TALK your way to a solution. 

If this is YOU, find a trusted person that will let you talk your own way to an answer.

You already know deep inside what to do, you just need to space to mind-map it out, verbally.

Once you're able to do this, the weight will lift, you'll have a new focus and direction, and you can move swiftly into ACTION. Hooray!! 

If you are RESERVED (C and S), chances are you tend to THINK or PLAN  your way to a solution. 

If this is YOU, find some quiet, uninterrupted time to think (for me, it's the shower!), or write out a plan that will help you ​forge a new path or direction during uncertain times. 

Once you're able to do this, the weight will lift, you'll have a new focus and direction, and you can move swiftly into ACTION. Hooray!! 

You may already be DOING SOMETHING (ANYTHING!).

If this is YOU, congrats on taking action! However, if you're finding that it's not lifting the weight you may be feeling, circle back to either PLANNING or TALKING out a solution FIRST.

It may just be that you're aimlessly DOING, but not getting any headway - sort of like spinning your tires. 

Reflec. Discuss. Plan. Then ACT.  

Once you're able to do this, you'll have a new focus, direction, and purpose. Hooray!! 

Try it out!

If you've been feeling stuck lately, I encourage you to try one of the options above. 

Taking action will ALWAYS shift what's happening in any given moment.

Knowing which approach to take will be your personal power guide to challenges in the future. 

Go ahead and try it! And let me know your results. I'm excited to hear from you!

Positively yours, 

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