February 16

Love Languages

Reading Love Languages

With Valentine's Day done for another year, you'll already know if it was an enjoyable celebration of love, or not. 

Do you and/or your significant other expect grandiose gestures? A quiet romantic dinner? A proposal? A hot coffee made just right? Or handwritten cards that tug on the heartstrings?

Knowing your loved one's Love Language is an easy way make them FEEL LOVED, every time. 

And it's easier than you think! 

In honour of Valentine's Day, AND (in Ontario) Family Day happening on Monday, today I offer you this quick video containing the Top 5 Love Languages, so everyone feels the love this weekend and beyond.

Here are the Top 5 Love Languages for quick reference:

  1. Quality Time
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Acts of Service
  4. Touch
  5. Gifts

Which ones feel like you? Can you identify your loved one's Love Language? 

Lean In. Level Up. Leverage.

Lean In.
Take a look at the list above - which one(s) feel appeal to you most? Share your preferences with your loved ones so they can feed your love language easily, keeping that spark alive.

Level Up.
Ask others what THEIR preference is as well. If you have littles around you, notice how they express their love to YOU.
How others deliver love is probably a clue about their preferences. Take note, and give love to them in THEIR way. Then watch the magic happen!

Make a LIST for those you love. Note their preferences, and yours! Keep it handy on the fridge, and refer to it whenever expressions of love are required (on special occasions, and daily too!)  

Happy Family Day! Here's to deeper connections with those you love,

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